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A Memoriam
Available in Gloss or Matte finish.
~ Gloss:    Good clarity and gloss; but a softer film, which could scuff or mar depending on its use. 
                 The best film for write-on/wipe-off applications with either a dry or wet erase marker.
 ~ Matte:  A true matte; it flattens colors with the least
                amount of distortion. The matte layer is a surface treatment
                on the film, hence it is softer and can scuff or mar.
                Generally it can be spot UV coated, foil stamped and glued.
Most common applications;         Posters, dust jackets, charts and maps, paperback books
                                                     and labels.
The matte is very popular in Cosmetic cartons
and promotions.
Available in Gloss, Matte and Satin
~ Gloss:     Excellent clarity and gloss; better scuff and scratch resistance 
                  than other films. Also the best film for heat and chemical
~ Matte:    The matting agents are dispersed  throughout the film and 
                 therefore offer much better scuff resistance. It has a slightly 
                 higher gloss when compared to matte OPP;  and the matte PET   
                 tends to make the darker colors appear "Milky" or washed out.
~ Satin:    A little glossier than the matte PET; but with less distortion of the
                colors. This is the most expensive of the matte films.
Most common applications:   Case bound books, POP displays and pocket folders.
                                              Best for high demand long-term applications.
Available in Gloss or Matte finish
~ Gloss:    The unique characteristic of this film is its
                 permeability. When exposed to changes in the
                 environment/moisture, the film will expand and contract
                 at a rate similar to paper, thus reducing curl. Lower
                 scuff resistance than PET; more similar to OPP.
~ Matte:   Similar to the Matte OPP; the matte is a surface
                treatment and can scuff or mar. Generally it can be spot
                UV coated, foil stamped and glued.
Most common applications:   Lightweight papers,
                                              dust jackets, and paperbacks.
GS Film
Available in Gloss only. 
~ Gloss GS: (glueable/stampable): A top coated film to improve adhesion for     
                        gluing and foil stamping.
                        GS is not recommended for applications of gluing film
                        to film: a pressure sensitive tape is a more appropriate
Most common applications:         Pocket folders, folding cartons
                                                    and POP display
Nature's Choice:  100% Biodegradable & Compostable Film
Available in Gloss Finish
~ Gloss: Superior clarity and gloss.
                 A naturally high dyne level good for
                 gluing, foil stamping and in some
                 cases, overprinting.